High Desert Luthiery Invitational 2023

I’ll be participating in this event next week, along with more than a dozen other New Mexican luthiers. Besides myself, there will be one other bowed stringed instrument maker, a few acoustic guitar makers. The rest are electric guitar makers, there will be an amp maker, an effects pedal maker, etc. Exotic Woods will be there. To see all the participants check out Unga Guitars on Facebook or high.desert.luthiery on Instagram.

Come check out my latest small viola and all the other great work!

One thought on “High Desert Luthiery Invitational 2023”

  1. Hi Klarissa,
    So far so good – is this the infant website?
    Nice of you to wising this afternoon.
    David ate so many cookies he didn’t eat lunch/dinner.

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