Several years ago a friend of my mentor’s gave me ten cello-sized billets of spruce cut in Colorado. I’ve only just now gotten around to resawing it, as I’ve bought a lot of wood since then and it was taking up too much space in my wood room in its unprocessed state.

I was hoping to get more cello tops out of it, but because of twists and knots, I was only able to get three, plus twenty-nine violin/viola tops. All the waste will either be purfling practice boards for my students or firewood.

Varnish Time

I’ve been hard at work finishing up some projects in the white and will be spending the next few months varnishing. I don’t normally work on this many instruments at once, but for various reasons they started to pile up! I have one more violin in the works and a rib structure for a small poplar viola made, but I’ll take a few weeks to catch up on some other things in the shop before resuming work on those and then starting another cello. Stay tuned for updates!